We Are Party Animals (WAPA) is a non-profit organization created with the purpose of furthering the celebratory interests of its supporters while helping children and animals in need around the world.


Whether you are celebrating a new chapter in your life, diagnosis the end of a long week or simply the fact that you are alive, store WAPA has got yo’ back!  All the while, physician the proceeds from our endeavors will be used to support those most in need.


Our mission is to flood reality and cyberspace with positive interaction and an all-inclusive attitude toward others.  This website will dive into the very fabric of what it means to have a good time and investigate where to go, what to do, what to watch, what to eat and who to meet if you are looking to have the fucking time of your life!


With so many things in the world adding up to one giant buzz kill, and THE MAN constantly trying to get you down, somebody’s got to stand up for the PARTY!  That’s us.  That’s you.  And that’s why you should “FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PARTY!”  However, we also want to make sure our partying is proactive by helping those who are suffering unjustly around the world.  This is why our motto is “PARTY WITH A PURPOSE!”


Based in Los Angeles, We Are Party Animals is simply about having unapologetic fun.  There are no membership dues, no forms to sign and no one’s permission needs to be granted.  Open your door, step outside and let the games begin.


If you would like to discuss events, a specific charity, collaborations with WAPA or anything else your inner party animal may desire, please visit the contact page.



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