How to find a CHEAP COACHELLA ticket!

Posted on 13 March 2012 by Bryan


If you do NOT have a ticket to Coachella, viagra or if you want a different ticket for a different weekend, ambulance YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY RIDICULOUS PRICES. DON’T GET SCALPED!


This will be my 5th Coachella and it is the first year I have ever purchased tickets to the festival beforehand from the general sale. Every year I see people getting worried, pharmacy because they don’t have a ticket and sometimes end up spending hundreds of $$$$ more than they need to. I have never spent more than $385 per ticket to attend.


Coachella 2012 Ticket / Wristband Unboxing – Weekend 1 GA


Coachella is an AMAZING experience, but that experience is diminished if you are getting ripped off. YOU SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED MORE THAN $400 for a GA ticket. After ALL fees the ticket’s FACE VALUE IS $320. It’s hard to expect no mark up on the ticket if someone had the foresight and bank roll to purchase during general sale, but don’t let the hype get the best of you.


How can you get a reasonably priced ticket? Be active about it.


  1. Make sure all your friends know you are looking. They might hear about someone who can no longer attend and that could be your ticket! Be annoying about it if you have to. Anyone who doesn’t want to be your friend because you are desperately trying to attend Coachella isn’t a good friend anyway.
  2. Scour Craigslist and low ball everyone. Check the site daily and email anyone who has a legit ticket, even if they are advertising for more than you want to spend. There are only so many people who are willing to pay exorbitant prices and just remember the BUYER controls the market. Coachella tix aren’t as scarce as everyone would want you to believe. Especially this year… now there are 2 weekends!
  3. DON’T get duped by any scams. Make sure all of the security features are present on the wristband and ask to see the unique registration # on the underside of the RFID chip. Also, ask that your name or some other unique word be included in any pictures of the wristband that the seller sends you. You can see what the GA wristband looks like HERE.
  4. Don’t use StubHub or any other ticket reselling site. Cut out the middle man. Your ticket should be coming from someone who couldn’t go, has an extra ticket because they broke up with their girlfriend, got the tickets in a contest/gift, etc. and you can find these people on FREE sites like Craigslist.
  5. Join the Coachella Message Board, but don’t act like a n00b.  Most questions have probably already been answered, so READ more than you WRITE.  You’ll get flamed quick.  However, scalping is STRICTLY forbidden on the message board.  So, maybe you’ll find a ticket and possibly pick up on some tips about the festival before you get there.
  6. Enter Contests. Call KROQ (They always give out tix the week or so before the festival), Google search “Win 2012 Coachella Tickets,” Etc., Etc. There are many ways to get FREE tickets to the festival, as well. So, DON’T GIVE UP!
    Here are a few contests:
    Amoeba Music – Ends 4/10/12
    Play Real Band / Fake Band at
    RedBull Twitter Contest – Ends 4/6/12
    (I’ll add more as I see them)

If you just want to pay $600 and be done with it, go ahead. Some people don’t have the money and for some people it’s just about principle. For me… it’s both. SEE YOU ON THE POLO FIELD!!


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