Rage Against the Machine + Muse @ Los Angeles Coliseum – Los Angeles, CA – 07/30/2011

Posted on 01 August 2011 by Bryan


Anticipation for L.A. Rising had been building for over a month before the show and personally I couldn’t wait.  I had never before seen Rage Against the Machine OR Muse perform live, look so the opportunity to see both on the same night at such an epic venue was incredible!



We arrived just before Muse took the stage and the sun was beginning to fall below the horizon.  There were a lot of people there, pilule but the crowd wasn’t as pumped as I had expected them to be.  However, capsule as soon as the sun was finally down things started to heat up.


Muse came out with undeniable energy and the fans made it obvious they did not come simply for the 20th Anniversary of Rage Against the Machine.  One of the really cool aspects of the show was when they would cover classic songs in the interlude between their own jams.  They played an instrumental version of “House of the Rising Sun,” which the crowd drunkenly attempted to mumble along to after the first few lines.  I also remember Matthew Bellamay busting out a Jimi Hendrix style version of the “Star Spangled Banner” before transitioning into the Muse cut “Hysteria”



Muse was solid all around and is probably one of the best, if not the best, live performance contemporary rock and roll band.  They just had their shit together and it worked really really well.



  1. (Riff version)
  2. (Who Knows Who + Maggie’s Farm outro)
  3. (Kaoss Jam intro)
  4. (Glastonbury intro riff)
  5. (Star Spangled Banner + … more)
  6. (Il Mercenario intro)
  7. (House of the Rising Sun intro … more)
  8. (Township Rebellion + My Own … more)
  9. (Burning Bridges intro)
  10. (Man with a Harmonica intro)


After Muse killed it, Rage Against the Machine had a well primed audience ready to go wild for them.  Unfortunately disaster struck during the first song.  I’m not sure who the sound guy is that got his ass chewed that night, but all of the 70,000+ people in attendance knew somebody effed up… and effed up big.


Zach de la Rocha’s mic cut out twice to the response of heckling boos from the audience and other technical glitches seemed to plague the set.  However, they finally hit their stride about half way through the set and nothing beat watching Tom Morello shred guitar like its his bitch.



By the 5th song, Bulls on Parade, their was a fire started in the 2nd GA section on the field.  It was quickly extinguished, but before the set was over another fire had been lit.  While the expected “mosh pits” did appear (I counted at least 5) throughout the GA sections, overall the crowd was seemingly controlled.



There was an instance at the beginning of the show where I saw fans jumping from the bleachers into the GA section, but this was quickly halted by security.  When the set was over everyone left orderly without incident.



  1. Wake Up



Overall, Muse out shined Rage Against the Machine on this night, but they both combined to make a hell of a concert.  Outside of the technical difficulties RATM suffered, Muse is simply a well oiled rock and roll factory that a reunion performance couldn’t compete with.  I would recommend both acts and hope to see both again sooner than later.


Photos by Kimberface

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