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Justice / The Rapture / Busy P @ Club Nokia – Los Angeles, CA – 04/18/2012

Posted on 20 April 2012 by admin


Photos by CUZNGEORGE // Words by Juan Gutierrez-Romero


Pedro Winter “aka” Busy P kicked off the Club Nokia on Wednesday with a superb opening set. The man who managed Daft Punk knew how to work his crowd. Busy P had class and style and was electrifying to say the least. With the help of his superb showmanship he was able to keep the crowd hyped up through some lapse in music due to technical difficulties.



With his suave French reassurance he said, sickness “Los Angeles we are going to party” and followed it with music drop of awesomeness, which started up the storm of energy in Nokia.  He went through some different tempos from the standard electro sound to mixing with some Queen’s “Under Pressure.  He even hyped up Nokia with some Justice “Civilization” getting the crowd going. He closed off with a fantastic mix of “Suck my Kiss” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers hooking in the crowd as they chanted “Suck my kiss”.



The Rapture came on and gladly took over the party. Although I prefer their abilities as a band, they weren’t bad. They had a heavy percussion driven sound mixed with voice samples. The crowd felt their sound and reciprocated it with energy filled movements. As the set continued the sound inserted more bass turning up the crowd’s energy output. There were some hints of the famous New Order song “Blue Monday’s” bass line nicely mixed into one of their songs that grooved quite well. The set went on little too long but it only helped to built excitement for Justice.



What can I say about such a great duo like Justice? Only that they killed it with their heavy distortion electro sound. They’re Metallica, Ministry, Daft Punk, and Prodigy meshed into one entity called Justice. Their dirty metal electro kick started the crowd with a background ominous dark light sprinkled with strobing bright white lights and a red glow of cigarettes. The cigarette smoke hung over the artists heads as they mixed and mashed in sync with a glow of light with every inhalation of the cig. They closed hard and they closed big it was the show to be in, in a plethora of after Coachella preview. Los Angeles had the aftermath of the explosiveness of Coachella, making it a good weekend to party.


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