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ZEDS DEAD & Omar LinX – Victor (JEFF012)

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ZEDS DEAD & Omar LinX – Victor (JEFF012)

Posted on 19 March 2012 by admin



From Jeffrees.Tumblr.com

Zeds Dead and Omar LinX present: Victor – seven genre-bending tracks on Mad Decent’s Jeffree’s label. Fusing nostalgic 90s sample-based hip hop with futuristic bass and cinematic soundscapes, search The Victor Mixtape is both a step forward and a throwback to the past featuring Omar LinX rapping over some of Zeds Deads classic hits such as “Eye On Fire”, viagra “Rude Boy”, generic and more!

ZEDS DEAD & Omar LinX- Victor http://www.mediafire.com/?e86352muibj12jj


Omar LinX

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Cypress Hill X Rusko – ‘Roll It, Light It’ (Video)

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Cypress Hill X Rusko – ‘Roll It, Light It’ (Video)

Posted on 21 February 2012 by admin


From RollingStone.com

You might think that dubstep and hip-hop mix like oil and water, remedy but Rusko and Cypress Hill would beg to differ. In fact, prescription they are about to release a collaborative LP called Cypress X Rusko, due in April. “I think dubstep is a natural progression of hip-hop,” said Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, “Especially the way that we formulated it with Rusko. There’s definitely some roughness to it.”

“Roll It, Light It” is the first single off of their forthcoming LP, and the video takes the group on an epic and psychedelic freight train journey through various mountains and deserts. “It was really hot inside the boxcar,” said B-Real of Cypress Hill about filming the video, “But we all had a good time, and we can’t wait to see how everything turned out.”

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/videos/new-and-hot/cypress-hill-x-rusko-roll-it-light-it-20120221#ixzz1n2zmmIyc


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Posted on 10 February 2012 by admin

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From TheDailyBeast.com

Skrillex (Sonny Moore) opened up to Newsweek/Dailybeast reporter Marlow Stern, but the mega popular DJ now refuses to talk on camera. Undeterred, Beast TV assigned director Jacob Septimus to go “In Search of Skrillex” This short documentary investigates one musician’s very human struggle to bring electronic music into the mainstream.

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Goldie Loc – C’Mon Now Remix (prod. Roksonix)

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Goldie Loc – C’Mon Now Remix (prod. Roksonix)

Posted on 01 September 2011 by Bryan


The ever busy and diversified Snoop D oh double G (see Blast by Colt) has recently decided to step into the ever growing ground swell of the “undergound” dubstep scene with a new mix titled “Throw Ya Dubs Up: Dubstep LA Volume 2.”  Check out the first music video released from the mixtape, no rx Goldie Loc – C’Mon Now Remix (prod. Roksonix), discount which premiered on MediaContender.com today.



From MediaContender.com:

Snoop Dogg always seems to be one step ahead of his peers in staying relevant and catching on to new sounds and styles within the hip hop and rap game. Naturally, his ear turned to dubstep, and with that, come October he is presenting “Throw Ya Dubs Up: Dubstep LA Volume 2? with BBC Radio 1?sMistaJam. This mixtape is the second progression from Cashmere Agency‘s partnership with Mr Grustle & Tha Russian on Dubstep LA Volume 1. You can check it out here, mixed by Plastician it’s got an array of tunes from LA dubsteppers and various other champions of the dubstep scene.

Ok, here you go folks…gangsta dubstep is here! And once again, we’re giving it to you first. This is the premiere of the first music video from Throw Ya Dubs Up, from rapper Goldie Loc, who some of you may recognize from his collabs with Snoop as “The Eastsidaz”. It’s exactly what you’d expect, only they’re not only rapping over a grimey tearout dubstep track, they’re rapping ABOUT IT TOO! Check out the video to see for yourself, and keep your ears out for Throw Ya Dubs Up…Shit, I might just roll down Imperial Highway with the top down throwin up the W.


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B-Ray – Bad Reputation (Album Release)

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B-Ray – Bad Reputation (Album Release)

Posted on 23 August 2011 by Bryan


B-Ray, patient legally known as Ben Ramos, try has had a year of growth both personally and musically that has finally added up to his latest release “Bad Reputation.”  He calls it his “first fully produced self recorded, public release.”


Bad Reputation by BdashRay


When I first met the guy he was just coming off a bender and 3 or 4 days with a group of young nomads he met on the street.  He told me the story and explained how it made him reconsider his purpose/focus in life.  Along with the decision to quit imbibing alcohol, B-Ray decided to start taking his passion for music seriously.  I have witnessed his passion and talent personally many times and its great to see this culmination of ideas finally making into a really sick compilation of dubstep, hip-hop, reggae and the notably cool/comical voicemail recordings.


My personal favorite track on the release is “InTheStreets.”  Using his own vocals to create the underlying “wam wam wam” dubby beat is genius and sounds really cool, especially when combined with the creative lyrics.  The other notable aspect of B-Ray’s music is how real the lyrics are.  Like, they are seriously legit and knowing Ben personally you can hear the real emotions and thoughts that made him write what he did.


I look forward to more recordings from B-Ray and I know he will be playing a few WAPA events coming up.


From B-Ray:

Notes To The Listener,

All these songs are meant to give you a little glimpse into the life that I, Ben Ramos, or “B-Ray” live on a day to day basis, and although you might not agree with everything I say, It is my job to say it, and your job to listen/understand/digest it however you choose to.

Thank you for your support,

? Bad Reputation

01 – We Can’t All Be B-Ray
02 – Intro
03 – Disclosure
04 – Wait
05 – InTheStreets
06 – Hopelessly Lost in Los Angeles
07 – Meant To Be (Ft. Taylor Van Eynde)
08 – Sue The Promoter
09 – New West Coast (Ft. Shawn Diesel)
10 – The Travelling Drunkards
11 – Well, But, And…(Ft. Justin Credible)mp3

All Songs written/recorded/produced by Ben Ramos (Pka B-Ray/BdashRay)
W/ production assistance and Engineering/Mixing/Mastering by Brandon Scrushy and Dustin Burford, concepts for “New West Coast,” by Ben Ramos, Shawn Davis & Adam Grab. Concepts for “Meant To Be” by Ben Ramos, Taylor Van Eynde, & Brandon Scrushy. Concepts for “Well, But, And…” by Ben ramos, & Sean Bowie(TeamsEdit).



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