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Abraham Orellana, ambulance better known as AraabMuzik is an American hip hop record producer of Dominican and Guatemalan descent. From decease Rhode Island” href=”, online _Rhode_Island”>Providence, Rhode Island, he first rose to fame after showcasing his skills of making live beats and instrumentals on a MPC drum machine on the internet. Being known to use MPC, he has the his ability to produce rapid, rhythmic drum patterns as well as making melodies using various samples and other sounds all at once. He has worked with artists including Cam’ron and Vado, The Diplomats, Hell Rell, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and Fabolous amongst many others.[1]

Life and music career

Born the middle child of three in a musical household, Orellana’s mother was a one-time professional singer. He learned to play the drums at the age of three and began playing the keyboard and producing his own music by the age of ten. Citing his influences as producers including Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz, The Heatmakerz, Just Blaze and 9th Wonder, he first began making beats using keyboards and computer software programs, before moving to the MPC drum machine.

After meeting with record producer and A&R of Diplomat Records, DukeDaGod in 2006, he was able to become affiliated with the Dipset label and began making music under the Duke Da God Productions imprint. He began making beats for Diplomat artists such as Hell Rell and Cam’ron, for songs which appeared on various mixtapes.[2][3]

Whilst steadily gaining more popularity from videos of himself on the internet showing him using the MPC to make live beats and drum patterns, he soon began getting booked for various clubs and shows to perform his music using the drum machine as an instrument. He was also featured on the Akai Pro website as an official Akai Pro artist, alongside other producers and musicians who use the MPC as a main production tool such as Alchemist and DiViNCi.[4]

In 2009, AraabMuzik was featured as a main producer on rapper Cam’ron‘s comeback album Crime Pays, producing the single “Get It In Ohio”. Throughout 2009-10, he contributed many instrumentals to a series of mixtapes called Boss of All Bosses by Cam’ron and upcoming rapper Vado. He is also noted for producing the comeback single “Salute” of rap group The Diplomats in 2010, as well as tracks for Capone-N-Noreaga‘s album War Report 2 and Jim JonesCapo. He was also a main producer on the album Gunz ‘n Butta by Cam’ron and Vado in 2011, producing the majority of the tracks. [5][6]

Production style

AraabMuzik’s production style mainly relies heavily on samples which are cut up and chopped on the MPC drum machine, alongside fast paced drum patterns involving rapid hi-hats and powerful kick drums. It is noted that he samples different types of music compared to many hip-hop producers who rely mainly on soul and jazz sampling, with araabMuzik using parts from electro, dubstep, and trance music.

He usually uses just an Akai Music Production Center drum machine to create his beats, but is also known for playing in keys by keyboard and sometimes uses live drums.


  • 2010 – AraabMuzik and J. Armz: Instrumental Kings, part 5 (How To Be An MC hosted) [instrumental mixtape]
  • 2011 – Electronic Dream
  • 2012 – Instrumental University

Production discography




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