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The Kid & Korova – Red Panda Chronicles Pt. II

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The Kid & Korova – Red Panda Chronicles Pt. II

Posted on 20 March 2012 by admin



From thekidkorova.bandcamp.com/

In the second installment of the Red Panda Chronicles, case The KiD & Korova continue their deep exploration into dance music territory. Influenced by European Rave Music as well as American Hip Hop, there the duo have produced six more songs made for the dance floor. Although these tracks were not all originally done with the mindset of being on one cohesive EP release, there seemed to be some thematic symmetry between the end result. We’re extremely proud of this next chapter in The KiD & Korova’s careers, and we hope you enjoy this half hour of music as much as we do.


released 19 March 2012
Written and Produced by Kyle DePinna & Sean Dwyer

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Ecto Cooler – 2012 Coachella Essentials Mixtape: EDM Takeover Edition

Posted on 06 March 2012 by admin



From Soundcloud.com

It’s back! I know you’ve all been waiting for my followup to last year’s Coachella mixtape, shop and I must say that this year’s version is bigger, badder, and more well rounded in every way! I was somehow able to squeeze just about every single electronic producer from the lineup into this years mix (sorry Amon!) I definitely have to say this one of the most fun things I’ve ever made, and I hope you all listen to and download this in preparation for what I consider to be one of the best years of Coachella yet! If you like it, please share it with your friends, social media outlets, other blogs, etc etc etc!

Below is the entire track list. As always, all the names of the artists playing at this year’s Coachella are listed in all CAPS.

1. SEBASTIAN – Crecendo
2. CALVIN HARRIS – Ready For The Weekend (Fake Blood Remix)
3. MARTIN SOLVEIG ft. DRAGONETTE – Big In Japan (Ziggy Stardust Remix)
4. DESTRUCTO & Oliver – Technology (Original Mix)
5. MADEON – Shuriken (Radio Edit)
6. ZEDD ft. Heather Bright – Stars Come Out
7. ZEDD ft. Heather Bright – Stars Come Out (DATSIK Remix)
8. NERO – Crush On You
9. FEED ME – Pink Lady
10. SUB FOCUS – Could This Be Real
11. Neon Hitch – Fuck You Betta (LA RIOTS Club Mix)
12. ZED’S DEAD & The Killabits – Bassmentality
13. Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (NOISIA Remix)
14. DAVID GUETTA – Bassline (Leo Villagra Dirty Remix)
15. MORGAN PAGE ft. Angela McCluskey – In The Air (Mord Fustang Remix)
16. AVICII – Levels (FTampa Remix)
17. DADA LIFE – Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker (Original Mix)
19. JUSTICE – Audio, Video, Disco (Snap Boy Remix)
20. CALVIN HARRIS ft. Kelis – Bounce (R3HAB Remix)
21. JACQUES LU CONT – Reload
22. DJ SHADOW – Organ Donor (Flirtphonic Remix)
23. DJ Fresh – Louder (DOCTOR P & FLUX PAVILION Remix)
24. The Prodigy – Omen (MT EDEN Dubstep Remix)
25. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (BORGORE Remix)
26. DAVID GUETTA ft. Usher – Without You (R3HAB’s XS Remix)
27. KASKADE ft. Haley – Dynasty (DADA LIFE Remix)
28. AFROJACK – Montreal
29. Spencer & Hill ft. Lil Jon – Less Go! (PORTER ROBINSON Remix)
30. CALVIN HARRIS – Feel So Close (Benny Benassi Remix)
31. Freestylers ft. Belle Humble – Cracks (FLUX PAVILLION Remix)
32. Sidney Samson & Steve Aoki – Wake Up Call (DATSIK Remix)
34. MODESELEKTOR – Art & Cash (SBTRKT Remix)

Release date: Mar 5, 2012

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Posted on 17 February 2012 by admin


From Antiquiet.com

Dave Grohl has reached out to the hive mind in an attempt to clarify his remarks from Grammy night, cialis when the frontman for the Best Rock Album winners (among others) took aim at people who make music on computers. As he’d done at live shows over the past year and beyond, seek at the Grammys Grohl threw a few backhanded comments about the authenticity of spirit that comes with making music with instruments, the old fashioned way – moments before playing a cross-genre mess of a live remix that included David Guetta, Deadmau5 and, yes, even Chris “I-beat-that-bitch-and-she-still-loves-me” Brown.

Somehow, the internets took none too kindly to that, and the backlash was large enough to warrant a clarifying response – with a taste of backpedaling. Check it out below:

Oh, what a night we had last Sunday at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. The glitz! The Glamour! SEACREST! Where do I begin?? Chillin’ with Lil’ Wayne…meeting Cyndi Lauper’s adorable mother…the complimentary blinking Coldplay bracelet…..much too much to recap. It’s really is still a bit of a blur. But, if there’s one thing that I remember VERY clearly, it was accepting the Grammy for Best Rock Performance…and then saying this:

“To me this award means a lot because it shows that the human element of music is what’s important. Singing into a microphone and learning to play an instrument and learning to do your craft, that’s the most important thing for people to do… It’s not about being perfect, it’s not about sounding absolutely correct, it’s not about what goes on in a computer. It’s about what goes on in here [your heart] and what goes on in here [your head].”

Not the Gettysburg Address, but hey……I’m a drummer, remember?

Well, me and my big mouth. Never has a 33 second acceptance rant evoked such caps-lock postboard rage as my lil’ ode to analog recording has. OK….maybe Kanye has me on this one, but….Imma let you finish….just wanted to clarify something…

I love music. I love ALL kinds of music. From Kyuss to Kraftwerk, Pinetop Perkins to Prodigy, Dead Kennedys to Deadmau5…..I love music. Electronic or acoustic, it doesn’t matter to me. The simple act of creating music is a beautiful gift that ALL human beings are blessed with. And the diversity of one musician’s personality to the next is what makes music so exciting and…..human.

That’s exactly what I was referring to. The “human element”. That thing that happens when a song speeds up slightly, or a vocal goes a little sharp. That thing that makes people sound like PEOPLE. Somewhere along the line those things became “bad” things, and with the great advances in digital recording technology over the years they became easily “fixed”. The end result? I my humble opinion…..a lot of music that sounds perfect, but lacks personality. The one thing that makes music so exciting in the first place.

And, unfortunately,  some of these great advances have taken the focus off of the actual craft of performance. Look, I am not Yngwie Malmsteen. I am not John Bonham. Hell…I’m not even Josh Groban, for that matter. But I try really fucking hard so that I don’t have to rely on anything but my hands and my heart to play a song. I do the best that I possibly can within my limitations, and accept that it sounds like me. Because that’s what I think is most important. It should be real, right? Everybody wants something real.

I don’t know how to do what Skrillex does (though I fucking love it) but I do know that the reason he is so loved is because he sounds like Skrillex, and that’s badass. We have a different process and a different set of tools, but the “craft” is equally as important, I’m sure. I mean…..if it were that easy, anyone could do it, right? (See what I did there?)

So, don’t give me two Crown Royals and then ask me to make a speech at your wedding, because I might just bust into the advantages of recording to 2 inch tape.

Now, I think I have to go scream at some kids to get off my lawn.

Stay frosty.


Once he feels safe to venture outside without getting pelted with glowsticks and pacifiers, Dave will finish work on his Sound City documentary, with contributing names including Trent Reznor, Joshua Homme, Mick Fleetwood, Tom Petty, Lars Ulrich, Krist Novoselic, Alain Johannes, Chris Goss, Cheap Trick, Corey Taylor, Stephen Pearcy and many, many more.

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Posted on 10 February 2012 by admin

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From TheDailyBeast.com

Skrillex (Sonny Moore) opened up to Newsweek/Dailybeast reporter Marlow Stern, but the mega popular DJ now refuses to talk on camera. Undeterred, Beast TV assigned director Jacob Septimus to go “In Search of Skrillex” This short documentary investigates one musician’s very human struggle to bring electronic music into the mainstream.

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Photos – Nocturnal Wonderland 2011 w/ Peacetreaty @ NOS Event Center – San Bernardino, CA – 9/24/2011

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Photos – Nocturnal Wonderland 2011 w/ Peacetreaty @ NOS Event Center – San Bernardino, CA – 9/24/2011

Posted on 26 September 2011 by George




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Photos – Pacific Festival @ Oak Canyon Ranch – Silverado, CA – 08/13/2011

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Photos – Pacific Festival @ Oak Canyon Ranch – Silverado, CA – 08/13/2011

Posted on 16 August 2011 by George


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Afrojack & Steve Aoki – No Beef (Music Video)

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Afrojack & Steve Aoki – No Beef (Music Video)

Posted on 10 August 2011 by Bryan


Here is the newly released music video for the collaboration track from Afrojack and Steve Aoki titled “No Beef.”  The video features tiny bottles of a drink called Afroki.  I wonder what it is.  What do you think it contains?  Sorta looks like bourbon at one point in the video, buy but then at another point it looks similar to Mt. Dew.  Hmm…


viagra 0, buy cialis 40,0″>


I am happy they included some sparklers, but why didn’t the real fireworks ever go off?!?!  Great video nonetheless!


From the official dimmakrecords YouTube page:

Official video for Afrojack & Steve Aoki “No Beef feat Miss Palmer”. Download this track at http://bit.ly/NOBEEF.

More Info: www.steveaoki.com | www.afrojack.com

Released by Dim Mak, Wall, Ultra, 3 Beat

Directed By Punit Dhesi


Afrojack & Steve Aoki – No Beef by mostlyjunkfood

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Bro Safari – Back to Skool – Moombahton Mix

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Bro Safari – Back to Skool – Moombahton Mix

Posted on 03 August 2011 by Bryan


Saw Dave Nada retweet this on Twitter today and decided to give it a listen.  Moombahton is here to stay!

This moombahton mix comes from BroSafari AKA Knick from Evol Intent / Ludachrist / Minus Music.  The dood’s got his hand in a bunch of pies, sickness but I love pie so it makes sense to me.  Give this 37min mix a listen and let the world know you like to move your hips a bit.


ailment 0, remedy 40,0″> Bro Safari – Back to Skool – Moombahton Mix [320 DL] by KNICK_EVOL_BROSAFARI



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Mad Decent Block Party!

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Mad Decent Block Party!

Posted on 01 August 2011 by admin

From MadDecent.com:

Get more info and RSVP for guaranteed entry @  MADDECENTBLOCKPARTY.COM
This summer marks the fourth installment of the incredibly successful cross-country phenomenon that is the MAD DECENT BLOCK PARTY, help this year presented by Native Shoes.  Ripping through the USA with stops in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, Mad Decent is joining forces with Native Shoes to provide a day of musical performances with FREE admission, delicious food, carnival games and a party for families and club kids alike!  Every block party will have a completely different lineup with surprise guests popping up in each city. The block party tour kicks off in New York City on Saturday, July 30th and concludes in Los Angeles on August 20th.


July 30th–New York
The South Street Seaport
Pier 17 Manhattan
12-9 PM

Gang Gang Dance
Claude VonStroke
BAIO (Vampire Weekend)DJ set
The Hood Internet
Bosco Delrey

August 7th–Philadelphia
The Piazza
N. Second St & Germantown Ave.
3-8 PM

Das Racist
DJ Sega
Brick Bandits
Paul Devro
Luvstep (Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix)
August 13th–Chicago
Wicker Park area
N Milwaukee Ave from N Western Ave to N Oakley Ave
12-10 PM

Dillon Francis
Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross
Bosco Delrey

August 20th–Los Angeles
Premiere Event Center
613 Imperial St
12-8 PM

Major Lazer
Bosco Delrey
Death Grips
Paul Devro
Derek Allen
Mia Moretti & Caitlin Moe
Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross

Big thanks to our 2011 Partners : Native Redbull  Serato  Rdio.com  WESC Beatport PBRColt 45 Blast & SPIN


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Outside Lands 2011

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Outside Lands 2011

Posted on 01 August 2011 by admin


Dates and Times

Friday, pharm August 12
Gates Open – 11:00AM
Music Starts – 12:00PM
Music Ends – 10:00PM
Saturday, capsule August 13
Gates Open – 11:00AM
Music Starts – 12:00PM
Music Ends – 10:00PM
Sunday, August 14
Gates Open – 11:00AM
Music Starts – 12:00PM
Music Ends – 9:45PM


From SFOutsidelands.com:


Get Inside Out


Need a convenient and affordable way to get to Outside Lands? Get on the bus!

Esurance, the official transportation partner of Outside Lands, makes it easy to get to and from the festival with the Esurance Shuttle.

The Esurance Shuttle guarantees round-trip transportation from Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to the entrance of Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park. With a 3-day shuttle pass (made affordable by Esurance), you’ll quickly and easily get to the festival — with zero hassle.

Fans who take the shuttle will earn Insider status, which they can parlay at the Esurance Inside Outside lounge for cool gifts and giveaways. Get on. Get in. Get out.

Buy your shuttle pass separately or by “adding on” to your ticketing order during checkout.

3-Day Shuttle Pass – $29.50 ($4.90 per trip)

Shuttle hours: 11:00 a.m.–12:00 a.m. each day
Limited coverage from 5:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

*Please note this shuttle pass does not include admission to the festival.

By Public Transportation (within San Francisco)

Muni provides multiple lines to Golden Gate Park from all over the city. A map of all Muni lines can be found at 511.org or you can click the image to the right to view the Muni lines adjacent to Golden Gate Park.

Due to increased ridership for this event as well as others around the City, concert patrons should allow extra travel time on the N Judah and all bus lines serving Golden Gate Park. Traffic in the area will also be heavy.

Extra service from Golden Gate Park will be added to the Muni 5 Fulton bus route and the N Judah line after the concert.

To help shorten delays, Muni customers may purchase their fare in advance. SFMTA staff will sell Muni fares from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. both days at the following locations: Caltrain Station at 4th & King streets and Civic Center Muni/BART Station

Concert patrons are encouraged to allow plenty of travel time. Gates will open 60 minutes before the first concert each day.

After the concert, extra service from Golden Gate Park will be added to bus route 5 and the N light rail line. The boarding locations for the 5 Fulton will be either Fulton Street at 30th Avenue or Fulton Street at 36th Avenue (to McAllister Street and 7th Street).  The boarding locations for the N Judah will be at Judah @ Sunset Boulevard.

The last extra service vehicles will depart these locations at 11 p.m. each night.

The SFMTA apologizes for any inconvenience to customers.

BART/Caltrain Information
If you are making connections to BART or Caltrain, be aware that the last trains of the day are scheduled as follows:

BART (Last Train from Civic Center Station)
Saturday, Sunday: 12:17am to Dublin/Pleasanton, 12:20am to Pittsburg/Bay Point, 12:44AM to Millbrae, 1:05am to SFO. Please board an inbound 5, 71, or N by 11:00pm for East Bay trains and by midnight for Peninsula trains.

Caltrain (Last Train from Depot at 4th at King Streets)
Saturday: 12:01am Please board an inbound N by 10:45pm and transfer to T for service to Caltrain.
Sunday: 9:00pm. Please board an inbound N by 7:45pm and transfer to T for service to Caltrain.

By Public Transportation (outside San Francisco)

Coming from the East Bay

• Option 1
1. Take BART to Powell Street Station (rates vary from location)
2. From Powell Street and Market Street, take Muni Bus #5 to 25th Avenue and Fulton Street ($2.00)
3. Enter the Park

• Option 2
1. Take the AC Transit Transbay Express or F Line across the Bay Bridge ($3.50)
2. At Transbay Terminal, take Muni Bus #5 to 25th Avenue and Fulton Street ($2.00)
3. Enter the Park

• Option 3
Take BART to Daly City Station (rates vary from location)
Board Muni Bus #28 (19th Avenue to Golden Gate Park)

• Option 4
Take BART to Balboa Park Station (rates vary from location)
Board Muni Bus #29 (Sunset to Golden Gate Park)

Coming from the North Bay

• Option 1
1. Take Golden Gate Transit Bus #70/80 to Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza
2. Board Muni Bus #28 ($2.00)
3. The #28 will take you into Golden Gate Park

• Option 2
1. Larkspur Ferry/Sausalito Ferry to SF Ferry Building ($7.85 Adult, $3.90 Senior/Disabled/Child 18 and under)
2. Walk along Market Street to Metro Embarcadero Station
3. Take Muni Line N to 19th Avenue and Judah Street ($2.00)
4. Walk north on 19th Avenue to Golden Gate Park

Coming from the South Bay

• Option 1
1. Take Caltrain to San Francisco Station (the end of the line)
2. Take Muni Line N to 19th Avenue and Judah Street ($2.00)
3. Walk north on 19th Avenue to Golden Gate Park

• Option 2
Take BART to Daly City Station (rates vary from location)
Board Muni Bus #28 (19th Avenue to Golden Gate Park)

• Option 3
Take BART to Balboa Park Station (rates vary from location)
Board Muni Bus #29 (Sunset to Golden Gate Park)

By Taxi

DeSoto Cab Company: (415) 970-1300
Luxor Cab Company: (415) 282-4141
Metro Cab Company: (415) 920-0700
Yellow Cab: (415) 333-3333
Veterans Cab Company: (415) 648-4119

By Bicycle

Download the best bicycle routes to the park. Enter the Park at the 30th Avenue and Fulton Street entrance. Make a left, and you’ll see Marks Meadow, where you can park your bike at the Outside Lands Bike Valet, presented by Esurance. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will be providing complimentary Valet Bike Parking service at Golden Gate Park. Think of it like a coat check for bikes—you don’t need to worry about the safety of your bike while you’re out enjoying the music, just park your bike in the morning and then turn in your claim check when you’re heading home. Additional bike racks will be set up around the park for you if you bring your own lock.

By Foot

If you’re entering the Park from the South, you can enter at 25th Avenue and Lincoln Avenue. Go to your left and bear right onto Middle Drive. There, you’ll be able to access the south gate of the festival.

If you’re entering the Park from the North, you can enter at 30th Avenue and Fulton Street and enter straight into Lindley Meadow. You can also enter on 36th Avenue and Fulton Street and enter at the north gate by the Polo Field.

By Carpool

Outside Lands has partnered with 511 Rideshare to bring a great new option in getting to the show. Register at 511 Rideshare and click on “Special Events” to find someone in your area headed to Golden Gate Park. It’s easy to do, free of charge and great for the environment!




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